Get the attention of your candidates and 3-6x more good leads!

Hyperjob is an easy-to-use tool that helps you prepare amazing job ads and stand out when sourcing candidates.

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You have 49.7 seconds to get your candidate's interest.1

How much can you attract them with 500 words of plain text?

Attracting talent is hard work. You’re spending hours on sourcing leads, reaching out to them, advertising the right opportunity... but so is everyone else.

Your candidates get plenty of job offers every week. Why should they respond to yours?


Stop wasting your time and leads. Create your first Hyperjob and get 3x more qualified candidates.

How does your job ad differ from everyone else's?

When selling an opportunity to candidates who have lots of options, traditional text-based ads don’t cut it anymore.

:(Text ads don’t stand out

:(Long text ads are difficult to process

:(Short text ads show limited info

Your applicant tracking system doesn’t focus on conversion.

Applicant tracking systems are great at ... well, tracking.

But what do you track if few candidates show any interest? Add Hyperjob to your hiring toolkit and convert new leads.

:)Focus on attracting hard-to-get candidates

:)Integrate with your current applicant tracking system

You could be wasting
60-80% of your leads

When you reach out to a potential hire, you have one shot to get their interest.

Make it count.

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Sounds too good to be true? We have proof.

Take a look at the research paper conducted by our team.

Check out the results of our A-B tests that we have run in collaboration with our clients and if you are still not convinced, let's test Hyperjob out at your company!

Creating your first Hyperjob is easy and takes less effort than writing a great job ad from scratch.

Step 1

Follow our wizard to create the ad

Don’t stare at a blank page wondering where to start. Instead, just answer our questions and be done in minutes. Also, we’ll give you helpful tips along the way.

Q: “Isn’t it difficult to create an ad like this?”

A: Hyperjob takes less effort than writing a great job ad from scratch. We’re taking care of formatting, design, and overall structure so you can just answer some questions, upload a few photos, and start reaching out to candidates in no time.

Step 2

Send the ad to candidates or post it on social media

You’ll get a link with an attractive social share image that you can send or post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, Reddit, Github, or anywhere else you’re looking for talent currently.

Q: “So where will people find my ads?”

A: You can use Hyperjob wherever you’re talking to your candidates now - in LinkedIn chats or over email. Hyperjob works across different channels and integrates into your existing workflow.

Step 3

Schedule interviews!

Your candidates have three ways to show their interest: apply through Hyperjob, apply directly on your applicant tracking system, or book a call with you.

Q: “How do you integrate with existing applicant tracking systems and other tools?”

A: We support any system with a link for collecting applications or booking appointments. Just enter the link into our wizard, and see your candidates appear where you want them.

Hyperjob integrates with

and many other systems.

The Perfect Solution for Hard-to-Fill Roles

Whether it’s tech, sales, marketing, or executive roles, Hyperjob can help you get more interested candidates.

This is Why Talent Pros Love Hyperjob

We built Hyperjob after years of hunting for talent online ourselves. It’s a tool that’s built for talent pros, by talent pros.

This is Why Candidates Love Hyperjob

Hyperjob gives candidates all the information about the job in an attractive, easy-to-read format.

These Companies Are Already Attracting Talent Through Effective Job Ads.
When Will You?

To date, Hyperjobs have been published in 20+ countries across 40+ different positions.

How long will you keep sending the same old job ads like everyone else?

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